Here are a few questions and answers from a transcript of an interview I did for an online directory.

Don McCarron.


What do you think makes a good skin clinic?

Apart from the obvious things like scrupulous professionalism a good skin clinic should always put the client first. It sounds like a throwaway phrase but it’s true. If you consider the clients’ needs and wishes above all else then everything else will be in place.

Of course it helps if, rather than having to decide on this ethos and work out how to implement it, that’s just the sort of person you are. And, luckily, that’s just the sort of person Allison has always been throughout her medical career.


What’s your clinic’s USP?

Without a doubt it’s Allison.

I don’t think “Unique selling point” is really an appropriate phrase for our clinic. We don’t really “sell” in a marketing sense. Our clients come to us largely by recommendation. And that’s entirely because of Allison.

People just love her. She’s so professional and yet so gentle and personal. She’s really interested in each person as an individual and the results speak for themselves.


Any plans for expansion?

Yes. In June we’re opening a new clinic within Bent’s House of Beauty in Huddersfield. There will be a small family of services all under one roof including The Vinery Hair Salon. It’s a beautiful building and the emphasis is very much on quality.

We’ll be splitting our week between Barnsley and Huddersfield. My daughter will be joining us to take care of receiving clients updating records etc. We can only expand so far as we’re limited by Allison’s available time and we won’t allow our service to be compromised.


Do you have any new treatments on offer?

We introduced Dermapen microneedling to Barnsley and are still the only clinic offering this service.

We have two exciting treatments involving microneedling in the pipeline one of which is a hair restoration programme that’s backed up by some very conclusive trial results. We’ll be running a pilot programme soon with very limited places at a special low price that will continue as long as the client stays with us.


What about the failures of clinical cosmetic procedures that we see in the media?

I’ve actually covered this subject in an article on our website. Bad results are down to one (or a combination) of five things.

The first is plastic surgery which has nothing to do with us. All of our treatments are non-surgical.

The second is pioneering treatments, again nothing to do with us. Our treatments only involve tried, tested and safe procedures.

The third is permanent treatments. Unfortunately celebrities like Mickey Rourke, Pete Burns, and Lesley Ash are stuck with the results of their treatments because they’re permanent. We only offer treatments with temporary results. This gives our clients the opportunity to adjust their look according to their wishes.

The fourth is bad aestheticians. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are bad aestheticians out there performing the wrong procedures in the wrong ways.

And finally there are bad client choices. What you may think is a failure of a cosmetic procedure may actually be what the client requested. If Allison doesn’t think something is right for a client she won’t do it.


What’s your position on Botox parties?

I think we have to determine what the words “botox party” mean before making that judgement. If it’s a sensible group presentation followed by detailed individual consultations then it may be ok.

If alcohol is to be present during the decision making or procedures or the prescriber is administering botox on the spot then I would say stay well away.

Proper consultation is an essential part of any medical cosmetic procedure and it should be taken seriously. You’re going to be walking around with the results of your treatment for at least a few months. You owe it to yourself to get professional, one-to-one consultation in the proper environment.


What’s your favourite treatment?

Microneedling. It’s just so powerful and versatile.

We want our skin to be how it should be, not how it is, and that’s how microneedling works its magic. If your skin is keeping out the elements and protecting you then your body assumes it’s doing its job and is satisfied. Microneedling triggers the body’s wound response and tricks it into producing fresh collagen and elastin. This makes the skin younger, firmer and smoother by a completely natural process.

Microneedling is great for reducing the appearance of scars and can also trigger hair to start growing again.

Originally microneedling was performed using rollers such as Dermaroller but it has moved on considerably. We now use powered devices that deliver the needles vertically causing practically no damage to the epidermis. These devices also have the advantage of variable needle depths and delivery speeds that can be adjusted to suit the area of the face.

We chose Dermapen as the best microneedling device.