Plasma Skin Tightening

Literally shrinks the skin

Rapidly growing in popularity, this rejuvenation treatment is highly-effective and non-invasive. This process shrinks and tightens the skin permanently.

I was so unhappy with the skin under my eyes. I had this treatment done with Cookie and it has literally changed my life. It’s like I’ve truned the clock back ten years.

Helen H


Often wrongly referred to as “Fibroblast” this is a relatively new treatment that causes hundreds of little micro-traumas using a tiny arc, a bit like laser. As these tiny traumas heal the skin shrinks and tightens.

The treatment can be applied almost anywhere and the chosen pattern determines how the skin will shrink.

This is a safe and simple procedure that uses the body’s own natural healing process to change the skin and achieve a younger, smoother appearance.

This treatment is carried out by our Plasma Technician, Cookie McCarron.



Prices can vary according to the individual and the sizes of the areas to treat. Some areas overlap and are usually discounted.

The best way to determine the price of a treatment to suit you is to come in for a consultation with Cookie. There’s no charge for consultation and no obligation to go ahead.

Areas that come in pairs (undereyes, cheeks, jowls etc) are priced together as a single area.

One area £250
Each extra area £150

“Cookie is very gentle and professional, just like Allison, and she explains everything as she goes along.

I had my marionette lines and jowls done and the results are brilliant! Eyes next :)

Siobhan F


“My friend recommended this clinic and I’m so glad she did. It’s a lovely, welcoming place. Very calm and relaxing.

The treatment was fine. Cookie is lovely. The skin under my eyes is much less baggy than before.”

Cheryl M


Who should have Plasma Skin Tightening?

This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to shrink and tighten an area of skin. There are a few exceptions further down the page.

Is there a consultation for this treatment?

Yes. This treatment can only be undertaken following a face-to-face consultation with Cookie, our Plasma Technician, during which a full assessment will be carried out and full list of cautions and contraindications discussed.

Will it hurt?

Whilst you may experience some mild discomfort it’s unlikely to be any more than that. We use a lidocaine topical anaesthetic cream which is given plenty of time to take effect before treatment.

Is the Plasma Skin Tightening safe?

This treatment is very safe and side effects are very rare.

What happens after treatment?

Immediately after the treatment there may be some swelling. This can last from a few hours to 3 or 4 days depending on how you react.

Tiny crusts will form after a day or two and these will then fall off after a day or two more. There may be red marks where the crusts were but these will soon fade away.

There’s a lot more detail about what to expect post-treatment in the aftercare section below.

What areas can benefit from this treatment?

Almost anywhere where skin-tightening can improve appearance. Around the eye area is most often chosen but forehead, cheeks, jowls, jawline, marionette lines, naso-labial lines and neck are also very popular choices.

How long do the effects of Plasma Skin Tightening last?

The effects are permanent but they don’t stop the natural aging process. The best way to look at it is to say that it turns back the clock but it keeps ticking so you may need the treatment again at some point in the future.

Will I be able to have another treatment later?

Yes. The healing process is perfectly natural and it’s quite alright to have more treatments.

What are the possible side effects?

The most common side effect is swelling. This should go down after a day or two. In rare cases this treatment can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Are there any circumstances under which I should not have this treatment?

Yes. There are some circumstances under which you should not have Plasma Skin Tightening or precautions should be taken.

Contraindications will be discussed during consultation. Please let us know if you have any condition that you think might be affected by the treatment.




Immediately Following Your Treatment (24 To 48 Hours)

  • You may continue with your daily activities as normal and you will be physically fine to return to work although you obviously may not look your absolute best during the initial healing process (usually 3 to 7 days).
  • A tinted after-care balm with SPF50 can provide camouflage and can be used immediately after your treatment. We don’t recommend oily skinned clients use this product however as they may heal more slowly already so this product could inhibit their recovery.
  • Apply small amounts of Silver Colloidal Gel with Aloe Vera, up to 3 times per day, until the scabs have formed and then flaked off. Silver Colloidal Gel is a powerful and natural anti-bacterial and anti viral agent and Aloe Vera is a well known and trusted skin soother. Once applied and left to dry the gel leaves a protective coating designed to act as a barrier against infection and it helps speed up skin healing. The gel provides excellent skin protection, aids tissue healing, has anti-inflamatory properties and sun protection, improves skin metabolism and increases moisture retention. It also provides relief from possible itching and helps speed up a scar-free healing process.
  • There may be some mild to moderate swelling to the treated area(s), especially around the eyes.
  • Swelling and inflammation for 1 to 5 days post-treatment is normal but this will usually be of a minor nature. Swelling following treatment around the eyes may be a little more apparent.
  • If the treated area is swollen then you may apply ice packs covered with a clean cloth. Do not apply ice directly onto the skin as this can cause damage to the tissue.
  • Please try and avoid the use of anti-inflammatory tablets (such as Ibuprofen) during for the first few days as the inflammatory response is key to the healing process.
  • If possible we recommend you take Vitamin C supplements over the course of the healing process as this will help give your immune system a big boost. This helps you to heal and also helps avoid post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • You may experience a “stinging” sensation in the treated area(s) immediately after treatment that will feel a little like mild sunburn. This is normal and is generally only lasts for an hour or two.
  • We recommend not exercising straight after a treatment because any heat, steam or sweat could add to the inflammation that is already present and unnecessarily moisten the skin.
  • The area that has been treated must not be covered with plasters, occlusive dressing or any type of make-up, mascara, creams or any other product until it has healed.
  • If you have received facial treatment we recommend you sleep on your back with your head elevated to avoid brushing your face on your pillow. If you have received treatment to your eyes then you should sleep slightly elevated until the swelling has passed.
  • It is highly unlikely you will get an infection from a Plasma Skin Tightening treatment as the wound we cause is not open and is immediately cauterised. However, it’s still important to protect yourself from infection, particularly in the first 12 hours following treatment. Please avoid any activities where, for example, you could expose yourself to contaminants and apply your Silver Colloidal Gel regularly.

The Following Days After Your Treatment (3 To 7 days)

  • It’s normal for the area that has been treated to feel tight and dry.
  • Occasional weeping will pass.
  • Tiny carbon crusts will quickly form on the treated area. These may be visible for up to a week or so but for most clients they will form and flake off naturally within a few days.
  • Don’t pick crusts off as this will delay the healing process and could cause scarring.
  • The treated areas may be cleansed daily with luke-warm, pre-boiled water and a soft, lint free cloth. You are only removing excess oil and do not need to thoroughly cleanse the treated skin, the Silver Colloidal Gel will protect against bacteria. Do not be tempted to rub or brush the area to aid the removal of the crusts and certainly do not use exfoliating products on the area. Pat dry.
  • You should try to keep your scabs/crusts hydrated by applying Silver Colloidal Gel With Aloe Vera up to three times a day – but only in small amounts as the aim is to introduce the ingredients and deliver some hydration and not to soak or over-moisten the area as that could prevent carbon crusts forming and/or cause them to flake off too soon.
  • We advise you don’t stand with your face under a hot shower for the first 3 to 4 days if that is where you have had treatment. This could increase swelling and prevent the carbon crusts forming naturally. Try to avoid shower gels and hair products running onto your face as this could cause irritation and inflammation.
  • Please do not apply any lotions or creams other than your Silver Colloidal Gel with Aloe Vera unless you have been specifically advised to do so. Do not use any lotions or creams that contain perfume or alcohol. The area must be kept free of oil to help the crusts heal and then fall off naturally. Do not rub or abrade the area or use exfoliating products. This could result in scarring and/or pigmentation.
  • Men should avoid shaving the treated area until it is fully healed.
  • Following treatment around the eyes, avoid wearing contact lenses for 72 hours after your treatment.

The Next 3 Months

  • When the carbon crusts have fallen off the area may be a little pink as it is essentially new skin.
  • Once the crusts have all fallen off you may apply your normal foundation/make-up but avoid using skin care products containing glycolic acid, retinol or any other active exfoliating ingredients as this will cause irritation.
  • Apply an SPF50 sun screen when you are out and about and continue to do so for at least 3 months. The treated area has produced brand new skin and may burn and/or pigment without adequate protection from the sun.
  • You should not use saunas or sun beds during your 3 months of healing and you should avoid the midday sun.
  • It can take 8-12 weeks for the full effects of your treatment to be seen. You may or may not require further treatment once the effects of your original treatment are more determinable.
  • If you do require a longer period of time between treatments then the delay will not alter the outcome.

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