The whole world is currently facing the threat of COVID-19 and people are understandably interested in how they can best protect themselves.

Obviously it’s important to try to avoid the virus altogether and there’s plenty of advice around on how to do that. But, more and more, the evidence seems to suggest that, in the event of us coming into contact with the virus, our best safeguard is a healthy immune system. This brings us to the issue of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is essential for a properly-functioning immune system but studies show that a great many of us don’t have the correct levels in our system.

Our bodies are designed to process almost all of our vitamin D from sunlight. This went along nicely until a relatively short time ago when humans started wearing a lot more clothing and spending a lot of their time indoors. Of course we still process some sunlight indoors but not as much.

This problem is made worse for people with darker skins designed to block UV light which could go some way to explaining why darker-skinned people in Northern countries are disproportionately represented in the COVID fatality figures.

And, as if the above wasn’t enough, we’re now being told to stay home, depleting our UV exposure even more.

But help is at hand! The good news is that we can easily boost our Vitamin D levels by taking daily supplements. And, if you’re going to take a tablet every day, why not give your immune system and general health a big hand by taking a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement? Any good multivitamin will contain at least 100% of your daily requirement of vitamin D.

A good place to start looking is Healthspan. They’re the biggest suppliers in the UK (for good reason). They do various types of high-quality multivitamin including those for Vegetarians and over 50s.

We hope you found this short article useful. Please stay healthy everyone. :)