When considering clinical aesthetics some people are understandably concerned by some of the images we see in the press, on TV and on the internet.

I decided to write this article following a conversation I had with the husband of a client of ours who was booked in for Botox treatment in Barnsley. He was worried that his wife might come home looking like Pete Burns and he needed reassurance.

Like many people he had lumped together everything to with facial aesthetics treatments as one big, risky business that may or may not turn out right. I thought it might be a good idea to set out a list of the reasons behind the failures of facial treatments we see on people we pass in the street as well as celebrities like Lesley Ash, Daryl Hannah, Priscilla Presley, Donatella Versace and Mickey Rourke.

Plastic surgery

Arguably the number one reason for the very worst failures, plastic surgery is something else entirely from Botox, lip fillers, dermal fillers, peels and Dermaroller.

The main problem with plastic surgery is that is surgery and is therefore permanent (see below).

Permanent treatments

So many of the faces we associate with the failures of facial treatments are the results of permanent procedures. These fall into two categories: Plastic surgery (the permanence of which is obvious) and permanent aesthetic treatments (most notably lip fillers which, in the early days, weren’t the kind that dissolve over a few months).

All of the treatments provided by Roberts McCarron have temporary results which can be adjusted each time to suit the client’s wishes.

Pioneering treatments

As touched on above many of the early, pioneering treatments were really touch-and-go. We’ve come a long way from permanent lip and facial fillers.

Bad aestheticians

Your Cosmetic Aesthetician should always conduct a thorough consultation and should always apply their own expertise and judgement when deciding how best to treat a client.

You can avoid much of the risk of choosing the wrong aesthetician by asking these questions:

  • Is your aesthetician properly qualified?
  • Are they a currently practicing medical professional?
  • How many years experience as a medical professional do they have?
  • Are there any previous client testimonials to refer to?
  • Are they approved by the appropriate professional bodies?

Bad personal choices

It’s perfectly possible, when you look at a girl whose lips look all wrong, that that is exactly what she asked for.

At Roberts McCarron we advise our clients honestly and, where we feel they’re making the wrong requests, we’ll decline to carry out the treatment.

So there are the five main causes of bad results. The first three have nothing to do with modern clinical aesthetics and the last two are perfectly avoidable.

I went on to explain that clinical aesthetics are hugely popular and the successes are everywhere. The very fact that we just see pretty faces and don’t notice the treatments is proof of this.

Oh, and for the record, our client’s husband’s fears were dispelled and he was very pleased with the results.


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