Lip Fillers

Instantly fuller, more defined lips.

A safe, simple procedure, popular with all age groups, that adds volume and definition to the lips and can create a better balance between the upper and lower lips.

Thank you so much Allison for my amazing lips. I was slightly nervous prior to having the treatment but was totally put at ease and the end result is fab.

Would definitely recommend


Lip Enhancement


Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement is a very popular treatment with all age groups. It is suitable for anyone who would like fuller, more defined lips.

This is a safe and simple procedure that can add volume and definition and create a balance between the upper and lower lips.

Roberts McCarron only use the highest quality specialist lip fillers.

You can arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our Clinical Aesthetics Consultant, Allison Roberts who will discuss the results you would like to achieve and explain your options.


There are many different dermal filler treatments and combinations from simple frown lines to an eight point lift. the best way to ascertain what suits you best is to come in for a consultation with Allison.

Allison will ask you what you hope to achieve, answer your questions and advise on your options. This is completely free and without obligation.


   Lip augmentation    £230

“Beautifully done. Allison Roberts is a real artist in this field and very gentle.

My lips are fuller but very natural looking. Thank you.”



“I’m beyond happy with how my lips turned out. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get them done, even if that means flying all the way from Sweden.

No bruises or pain and they are still looking lush after almost 3 months! Thank you so much.”

Lovisa Norén

Trelleborg, Sweden

Frequently asked questions


How does it work?
Dermal filler is injected into the lips to define the lip borders and/or create a fuller, plumped-out effect. We can inject as much or as little filler as the patient requires to give a subtle or more dramatic result.

What is injected into the lips?
Lip filler is a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gel. Roberts McCarron use only Juvéderm® and Belotero® which are the best fillers available.

What does the lip enhancement procedure involve?
Your Clinical Aesthetician will inject small quantities of filler into the border of the lips or body of the lip depending on the desired effect. The process can be uncomfortable and topical local anaesthetic will be applied to reduce any pain experienced. It should take approximately 30 minutes and the effects are instant.

What is the result?
Lip borders can be defined and the shape and size of the lips can be enhanced either subtly or dramatically depending on the result the client desires. This treatment is also ideal for removing lines and creases around the mouth area (including ‘smoker’s lines’).


How long do the results last?
Results last approximately 6-9 months.

Are there any risks or side effects?
The most common side effects are minor swelling and redness but these are temporary and should subside shortly after the procedure.

Is the person giving the injections qualified?
Our Clinical Aesthetics Consultant, Allison Roberts, has given thousands of injections throughout her medical career and is fully qualified in the use of dermal fillers.

Will I receive a consultation?
Yes. Lip Enhancement treatment will only take place after a full, free consultation with our Clinical Aesthetics Consultant, Allison Roberts during which we’ll discuss the results you’re looking for and any cautions and contraindications.

When should I not have lip enhancement fillers?
Lip fillers are not suitable for anyone with severe allergies. You should not consider dermal fillers of any kind if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Any other potential issues will be covered in your consultation.




Take care around the filled area for the first 6 hours. Avoid unnecessary touching or pressure and drinks that are very hot or very cold.

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Free consultation, check-ups and top-ups.

Free consultation, check-ups and top-ups.

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