The highest quality aesthetics training with Allison McCarron.

“Allison and Don compliment each other with their wealth of knowledge and experience in nursing, aesthetics and business management, and their genuine kindness and drive are contagious !

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Amy and Danielle.”

Why train with us?

Our wonderful trainer,

Allison McCarron

Allison Roberts botox training

Allison delivers the highest-quality training with her unique personal touch. 

Besides being a successful and highly-regarded practitioner she is also a great teacher with a long history of mentoring. She’s a Nurse Prescriber and a former Board Advisor with the BACN. She has awarded over 1,800 certificates to new practitioners.

Allison creates a friendly, relaxed and interactive learning environment that really involves her students and helps them to absorb the courses well. She has carried out thousands of aesthetic treatments and is loved by her clients as well as her students.

You’re welcome to come and meet Allison and have a look around prior to making your decision. Just call 01226 491144 and we’ll arrange a visit for you.

“The presentation was pitched at just the right level. Allison is very professional with first class teaching skills, she gives you confidence during the live procedures and feedback on ways to improve your technique.”

“Allison has so much knowledge and gets it across allowing time for questions and discussion.”

“Allison’s knowledge and patience are second to none, very professional.”

“I knew I was in good hands with Allison. She’s so warm and engaging.”

Small training groups

It’s very important to train in small groups. Our groups never exceed three students.

This allows for a much more personal aesthetics training experience where you can really interact, ask questions and discuss as the course progresses. It’s also very important to get the right amount of time for supervised practice with the models, something that’s often lacking in larger groups.


“I would definitely recommend this course to others. I feel because it was a small group I felt involved and got to practice in everything. It felt personal.”

“I enjoyed the small learning group, my fellow trainee said that she thought it felt quite personal and I agree. I felt like I got so much more out of the class.”

Train in a real working clinic

Your aesthetics training and practicals will take place in our beautiful clinic in Barnsley, South Yorkshire where you can get a real feel for a successful working clinic environment. Everything needed for illustration, discussion and practical use is immediately at hand.


“It was a brilliant learning environment to be in.”

“Excellent first day of the three-day course. Made welcome, beautiful and comfortable venue.”

“I love this place. I don’t want to go home!”


We include accommodation with breakfast at the excellent Holiday Inn just a short taxi ride (provided by us) from our training clinic. Here you can relax, get into the zone for the weekend and discuss your training with your fellow students over breakfast or dinner without the distractions and duties of everyday life.

We have a great relationship with this lovely hotel and our students are very well looked-after.

“Staying at the hotel was great. The three of us got on like a house on fire and we were able to chat about our training in the evenings. Our rooms were really nice and the breakfasts were yummy!”

Our excellent courses

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers – Nasolabials and Marionettes
  • Dermal Fillers – Cheek and Jawline Augmentation
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling

These courses are all CPD certified and insurer approved.

Botox and fillers are becoming more and more mainstream every year, the biggest growth area being with younger clients.

Chemical peels are an absolute mainstay of a successful aesthetics practice. Again the main area of growth is in young people for whom we can make a dramatic change in skin condition. (A very pleasing thing to be able to do.)

We include a full-size peel kit within the cost of your course.

Our microneedling course focuses on vertical powered microneedling rather than rollers. This is a vastly superior treatment as the needle depth can be altered to suit the different thicknesses of skin and the head itself is much better suited to reaching areas of the face that are harder to get to.

We include a cordless powered needling device, ten heads and 500ml Hyaluronic Acid within the cost of your course.

All of these treatments are explained in more detail on the treatment pages of this website.

“The learning environment you’ve created is brilliant. I love that you encourage discussion and student interaction. I didn’t feel nervous or silly to ask any questions.”

“Having this full range of treatments to offer is a great way to start my aesthetics career.”

“The treatments I’ve learned all fit together and compliment each other. I feel confident and fully qualified.”

Our Practice Management course

Our Practice Management Course is included with our Seven Course Residential Package.

Created due to the realisation that people were being trained in Medical Aesthetics but were given no guidance whatsoever on how to run a practice or a business our Practice Management course provides our students with an excellent blueprint on how to get started and flourish in this field.

This course was put together by Allison and Don McCarron. Two people who built a highly successful aesthetics practice from scratch in a very short time.

Included in this course are many things you would normally have to learn by trial and error including two very important aspects of marketing your practice that caused a dramatic rise in the number of new clients we attract.

This course aims to fast-track you past the usual slow learning process, connect you to the right people and give you the confidence to become the practitioner you want to be.

Included in this course are:

  • The field of medical aesthetics
  • Transition from your current job
  • Support
  • Your approach to your clients
  • Client care
  • Reputation
  • Dealing with problems
  • Premises
  • Pricing
  • The pharmacies
  • Prescriptions
  • Becoming a prescriber
  • Ordering
  • Consultation
  • Keeping records
  • Insurance
  • Complaints
  • Your accountant
  • VAT
  • Marketing
  • Your website
  • Starting up
  • Your business plan
  • Avoiding the early pitfalls
  • Growing your practice

There is so much knowledge in this course that we took the decision to deliver it online. This way new practitioners can keep referring to it as the different aspects of starting and running a practice arise. Being online also means that this course can be constantly updated so you always have the most current information to hand. The course contains direct links to such things as pharmacy suppliers, insurers, the BACN etc.

Practitioners who qualify with us all have Don’s private number so they can call him any time for advice.

“This course is really comprehensive. I didn’t have a question that wasn’t answered and it’s very easy to understand.”

“Everything I needed to know about running my business. And it’s great to know Don is always at the other end of the line to answer any questions and support me.”

“The business side was a mystery to me but the course lays it all out in a really easy to understand way. It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be.”

Our Seven Course Package

We’ve packaged seven courses together to enable our students to gain certification in six popular treatments plus practice management.

Our treatment courses take place over a residential weekend, Friday to Sunday. Our excellent online Practice Management Course is then there for you to refer to at your own pace as you start and grow your business.

We eliminate the repetition that occurs from one course to another which means we still have all the time we need for learning and practical experience.


“Going into this field of practice I really like that I’ll be able to offer my clients a range of treatments. I think Allison has got the training spot on.”

“It was important to me to have a full range of treatments and not be struggling with just one or two. Having shopped around I chose these courses because not only is the quality fantsatic but the package price is really good value, especially with interest free finance and the hotel included.”

Our Unlimited Ongoing Support

We want you to be successful so everyone who trains with us is given both Allison’s and Don’s private numbers. You’re welcome to call us any time for information, advice and support regarding anything to do with your treatments, your practice or running your business.

In addition to this we have a busy private Facebook group where practitioners who have trained with us come together to advise and support each other.

There’s never any need to feel isolated when you’ve trained with us. Our support is there for you whenever you want it.

“It makes all the difference to know I can call on Allison or Don any time. It’s a great boost to my confidence.”

“I love knowing I have Allison’s support on my journey. She is so knowledgeable and helpful and she knows how to make a practice successful.”

Our Seven Course Package weekend Schedule



Botulinum Toxin A




Dermal Fillers – Nasolabials & Marionettes

Lip Augmentation




Chemical Peels


Dermal Fillers – Cheeks & Jawline




Medical Aesthetics Practice Management


Our prices

Seven Course Package




12 monthly payments



The Whole Experience

We set out to create the best training experience for the best possible price and our students tell us that’s what we’ve achieved.

You can spend a three-day weekend in the hotel with your fellow students and really get into the learning zone without distractions. And you can leave us fully-qualified and confident knowing you have our unlimited, ongoing support on your journey.

  • Our wonderful trainer, Allison
  • Our brilliant treatment courses
  • Our invaluable Practice Management Course
  • Our small training groups
  • Our lovely clinic environment
  • Our free hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Our unlimited, ongoing support
  • Our excellent prices
  • Low deposit 12 months interest-free credit


“I’m so glad I found you, I’ve loved every moment of this course.”

“What a wonderful weekend. Thank you, Allison.”

Current availability
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How do I book my training?

Just get in touch using any of the methods below and we’ll find a date to suit you. Once your deposit is paid we’ll send you your welcome letter with everything you need to know including your schedule, hotel information etc.

If you’d like to come and meet Allison and have a look around before making your decision please get in touch and we’ll arrange a visit for you.

Who can train to be an Aesthetics Practitioner?

Doctors, nurses, dentists, and dental hygienists can take all of our courses.

Who will my trainer be?

Your trainer will be Allison McCarron. Allison is Harley Street trained in advanced Botulinum Toxin and dermal filler techniques, a former Board Advisor with the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and a very successful aesthetics practitioner with hundreds of loyal clients. Allison is also a great teacher with a long history of mentoring. Allison creates a friendly, informal and interactive learning environment that really involves her students and helps them to absorb the courses well.

Why are the training groups so small?

We keep our training groups small for two reasons: Firstly, it’s our experience that students in small groups are much more likely to interact both with Allison and each other. This creates a much better learning environment where we can be sure that our students are happy with, and have understood, each section of the course before moving on. Secondly, it’s of the utmost importance that students feel they have had enough hands-on experience with the models. This can be difficult with larger groups. Our students often become friends, supporting each other while they start their practices and beyond.

Why train in a working clinic?

Training in a working clinic allows our students to get a feel for a successful working environment. It’s also important that everything needed for illustration, discussion and practical use is immediately to hand.

Our training takes place in beautiful surroundings at our busy clinic in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

What kind of accreditation do the courses carry?

All of our treatment courses are CPD certified and approved by the major insurers.

Why should I take the Seven Course Package

Our Seven Course Package includes:

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  • Cheek and Jawline Augmentation
  • Medical Aesthetics Practice Management

This package allows you to qualify in six core treatments every rounded aesthetics practitioner should have and gain a huge amount of invaluable knowledge in practice management in one long weekend. It also provides a significant saving over paying for the courses individually.

You can pay for our Seven Course Package in 12 instalments over a year meaning you can be treating clients in all six treatments while you pay for your courses.

We believe our Seven Course Package is the best and most affordable way to become a complete Aesthetics Practitioner.

Can I spread the cost of my training

Yes. You can spread the cost over 12 months, interest free.

Single course




12 monthly payments



Two courses




12 monthly payments



Seven Course Package




12 monthly payments


Will I be ready to begin treating clients?

Yes. Our courses are designed to prepare you to begin treating clients straight away.

Do I need to be a prescriber?

No. Most aesthetic practitioners aren’t prescribers, other people do their prescribing for them. Allison prescribes for several practitioners local to our clinic. We deal with the subject of finding a prescriber in our Pratice Management Course. It’s also worth noting that only toxins and a couple of other items need to be acquired on prescription. Supplies for fillers, peels, microneedling and dermaplaning can be bought freely.

What is the purpose of the Practice Management course?

There’s no reason why a medical professional should know how to run a practice or a business and yet so many who are training in aesthetic treatments are being expected to do just that. We offer the benefit of our experience in building a thriving aesthetics practice from scratch and cover a comprehensive range of subjects including:

  • The field of medical aesthetics
  • Transition from your current job
  • Support
  • Your approach to your clients
  • Client care
  • Reputation
  • Dealing with problems
  • Premises
  • Pricing
  • The pharmacies
  • Prescriptions
  • Becoming a prescriber
  • Ordering
  • Consultation
  • Keeping records
  • Insurance
  • Complaints
  • Your accountant
  • VAT
  • Marketing
  • Your website
  • Starting up
  • Your business plan
  • Avoiding the early pitfalls
  • Growing your practice
  • Creon medication cost
  • Aricept namenda
  • What is celexa used for

This way we not only qualify you to practice but show you how to make a success of your business too.

I'm travelling from outside of the area. What about accommodation?

With our Seven Course Package residential weekend we provide accommodation with breakfast, free of charge, at the excellent Holiday Inn.The hotel is a short taxi ride (provided free by us) from our training clinic.

Students on one or two-course days can take advantage of our preferential rates with the hotel. £60 per night with breakfast.


Do I need to bring models for my practicals?

No. We provide all of the models for demonstrations and the student live procedures. We have models who are well used to the training procedures and providing constructive feedback.

Will I get any support after training?

Yes, as much as you want. We love our students to stay in touch with us and with each other. All of our students are given our mobile numbers and both Allison and Don are always available for help and advice.

Are all training courses the same?

Definitely not. There are some important considerations.

  1. Who is my trainer?

Is your trainer a working practitioner with everyday experience of clients, new treatments and techniques? Is your trainer an experienced mentor, friendly and approachable?  

  1. What size are the training groups?

Are the training groups small enough for you to feel confident to engage properly with your trainer and ask questions? Are the training groups small enough for you to get sufficient practice with the models?  

  1. Does the theory training take place live on the day?

It seems unbelievable but there are some courses that expect you to learn the theory at home on your own and have a quick “refresh” session on the day before going straight on to injecting the models. There’s so much more to be gained from a live delivery of the theory along with chatting and interacting with a genuine, experienced trainer.  

  1. Are the courses CPD certified?

CPD certification means that the course has reached CPD’s stringent standards. If the course isn’t CPD certified there is probably a good reason. This can often be that the theory is not delivered live to save time or that the trainer is not properly qualified.  

  1. Do the courses take place in a successful working clinic?

In a working clinic you have everything to hand for illustration and demonstration. It also helps you to get a good feel for how your clinic can be.  

  1. Is hotel accommodation available?

This can make a big difference to overall cost and takes the risk out of trying to choose a good hotel.  

  1. Can I spread the cost?

Spreading the cost really helps to make the courses affordable and gives you the opportunity to pay for them from the profit you make doing treatments.  

  1. Can I save time and money by grouping courses?

It’s entirely possible to save time and money without sacrificing any quality when grouping courses together. There are several elements of learning that appear in more than one course (for instance we learn about skin-aging in Botox, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling and Peels and we learn about Hyaluronic Acid fillers in Dermal Fillers and Lip Augmentation). By grouping courses together we can eliminate the need for repetition. 

  1. Is there a Practice Management course?

Knowing how to treat clients is one thing, knowing how to run a thriving practice is another thing entirely. A good practice management course, written by people who have real experience of starting and building an aesthetics business, can make all the difference.  

  1. Are models for the practicals provided?

Being let down by your model can ruin your training. It’s always best if your trainers supply the models and have substitutes ready.  

  1. Is any post-training support offered?

It’s not enough to qualify a new practitioner and push them out of the door. Especially in the early months you need to feel that you have someone to support you 24/7 and answer your questions.

The most important thing about training is not just getting a certificate, it’s becoming competent and confident enough to begin treating clients, move forward and thrive in this field.

Can I come and see you first?

Please do! It’s only natural to want to have a look round and meet Allison first. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a time for you.

Do I need the Level 7 qualification?

No. Level 7 is now discontinued. The awarding body, Ofqual has removed the Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine. This qualification is no longer recognised and should no longer be offered.

To book your training or if you have any questions, please get in touch below.

Email us

Call us

01226 491144

Text us

07568 730344

Roberts McCarron

The Coach House

51 Sackville Street


S70 2BZ

Your aesthetics trainer – Allison McCarron

Your aesthetics trainer – Allison McCarron

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