Train in medical aesthetics with Allison Roberts.

Another fantastic module. Excellent presentation. Allison has so much knowledge and gets it across allowing time for questions and discussion. The practical again was top class.

Why train with us?

Small training groups.

Is it important to train in a small group? Yes, very important. Our groups never exceed three trainees.

This allows for a much more personal training experience where you can really interact, ask questions and discuss as the course progresses. It’s also very important to get the right amount of time for supervised practice with the models, something that’s often lacking with larger groups.

“I would definitely recommend this course to others. I feel because it was a small group I felt involved and got to practice in everything. It felt personal.”


“I enjoyed the small learning group, my fellow trainee said that she thought it felt quite personal and I agree. I felt like I got so much more out of the class.”

Train in a working clinic.