What are the main differences between microneedling with a pen and a roller and why is the pen so much better?

Microneedling tricks the skin into thinking it has been wounded and starts a cascade of beneficial reactions including the creation of new elastin and collagen. In order to do this the dermis (the lower layer of the skin) must be gently pricked.

The skin lies in different thicknesses all over the face so, in order to reach and prick the dermis at the correct depth, the needle depth has to be adjustable. This is simply not possible with a roller so you will have one of three things happening.

  1. The needle will prick the dermis at the correct depth.
  2. The needle will be too shallow missing the dermis.
  3. The needle will be too deep gouging the dermis.

In addition to this the action of the needles on a roller causes unnecessary damage to the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) because it enters and leaves the skin at different angles causing a gouging effect as the roller moves over the skin.

With a Microneedling pen the needle depth is adjustable so the correct depth of needling can always be achieved. Also the needle enters and leaves the skin with a vertical motion causing minimal damage to the dermis and the epidermis. Remember the aim is to trick the dermis into thinking it has been damaged, not to actually damage it.

The pen is an excellent device with all the significant advantages of microneedling but none of the disadvantages of using a roller.

It’s possible to feel and see the benefits of a Microneedling session straight away mainly due to the thousands of tiny injections of hyaluronic acid into the epidermis. But the main benefits of Microneedling come weeks and months afterwards as the magic that occurs deep down in the dermis rises to the surface. One session is beneficial but an ongoing program of treatments is far more so and will give continuity to the long-term benefits that come from a revitalised dermis.

For the important long-term benefits of microneedling to be achieved it’s vital that the dermis is affected. Some beauty therapists offer microneedling but they aren’t allowed to needle beyond 1.5mm deep. In some areas a 1.5mm needle will not reach the dermis and so will have no effect on it. Only a medical professional is allowed to needle deeper 1.5mm and affect the dermis in all areas.

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