Coronavirus is only likely to present a real danger to a tiny minority of our population but it’s good practice to try not to become a carrier to those with compromised immune systems. In light of the recent advice regarding hand sanitisation we thought in timely to produce a short piece on how to avoid hand-to-mouth infection.

You could be unfortunate enough to walk directly into an infected person’s sneeze but the Coronavirus is far more likely to enter your body by your mouth via your hands. This means touching your mouth or, in particular, handling your food.

Government bodies and health organisations are telling us to wash our hands regularly, and while that’s great advice, it’s not really complete advice. It’s very important to always be aware of what your hands have touched and who or what could have touched it before you.

Most importantly we must always be aware of what we have touched between washing or sanitising our hands and touching our mouths or our food. This is the mechanics of infection-avoidance and it’s not really being talked about.

Think of the things you might touch with those sanitised hands before touching your food. Here are just few examples.

It’s very important to understand that the mechanics of hand sanitisation is just as important as the chemistry. Be aware of what you touch after sanitising and before eating or touching your mouth and, if you think there might be a risk, sanitise again.

Get into the habit and develop an instinctive awareness and you’ll give yourself the best chance of protecting yourself and those around you.

An update on our position regarding the Coronavirus issue.

Our clinic remains open and we’re still welcoming new appointments and new clients.

Our high standards of in-clinic hygiene continue. This includes regular sanitisation of hard surfaces including door handles, stair rails etc.

In addition to this hand-sanitiser is available for our clients to use in our clinic and waiting areas.

We fully understand that clients who may feel unwell and decide to self-isolate will need to cancel their appointments.

We will assess the situation as it develops and take each day as it comes but, for now at least, we believe our clinical hygiene protocols are more than sufficient to protect our clients and ourselves.

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