One thing we hear a lot when discussing injectable treatments with clients is that they’re afraid of needles or they think it will hurt.

People imagine great long needles going deep into their faces and these concerns aren’t helped by images like these used by magazines and beauty websites.


The needles in these images are way too large.

In fact the needles used in most of our treatments are really quite tiny. The needle doesn’t need to go very deep at all and it doesn’t need to be thick either.

Click this picture to take a closer look at the actual syringe and needle Allison is using ›

Needles used in Botox treatment are very small.

“Professional, friendly, warm, home from home completely relaxed! Pain free!

Would definitely recommend.

Thank you, Allison.”



“Pain free experience with excellent follow up.

“I chose the clinic due to good reputation and a recommendation. It was explained fully to me what would happen. It was a calm, pain free experience with excellent follow up. Have booked in for further treatments.”



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